The ARTORG Center of Biomedical Engineering Researc h comprises seven research groups working on the translation of novel technologies toward clinical application. In the context of MR imaging this includes research on the following topics:

  • Clinical image-based tools for surgical navigation and interventional planning for visceral surgery, CI implantation, etc.
  • Computer models for diagnostic prediction and interventional planning for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases
  • In vivo blood flow measurement with Phase Contrast MRI
  • Fabrication of patient-specific organ models and vascular structures for the study of cardiovascular diseases and congenital heart defects
  • Functional MR imaging of cerebral metabolic processes and blood perfusion
  • Neuroimaging for stroke and dementia patients
  • Machine learning and image analysis for pattern recognition and computerized diagnosis of lung diseases


  • Prof. S. Weber, Image-Guided Therapy (IGT)
  • Prof. O. Guenat, Organs-on-Chip Technologies (OOC)
  • Prof. T. Nef, Gerontechnology and Rehabilitation (GER)
  • Prof. D. Obrist, Cardiovascular Engineering (CVE)
  • PD Dr. S. Mougiakakou, Diabetes Technology (DTR)
  • Dr. N. Gerber, Artificial Hearing Research (AHR)
  • Dr. R. Sznitman, Ophtalmic Technology Laboratory (OTL)


  • Biomedical Engineering centered around specific organs and their diseases.
  • Translational research on novel medical devices and implants, diagnostic and therapeutic strategies, simulation of biological and physiological processes, nanotechno­logy.


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Weber