The Institute of Forensic Medicine (IRM) provides the complete forensic service for the Canton Bern and surrounding cantons including forensic pathology and imaging, forensic genetics, forensic toxicology, forensic physics and ballistics, traffic medicine, forensic psychiatry, medical law and anthropology.

The research is focused on forensic imaging with CT and 3T MR scanner in-house (forensic pathology), consumption markers (toxicology), archeological skeletal investigations techniques (anthropology), time to death estimation (forensic pathology), validation of therapeutic programs (forensic psychiatry) and ballistics (forensic pathology).


  • Forensic radiology
  • Postmortem Magnetic Resonance Imaging
  • Time since death estimation
  • Postmortem minimal invasive angiography
  • Human identification under support of cross sectional imaging (DVI)
  • Paleoradiology


Prof. Dr. med. Christian Jackowski