The University Clinic of Nephrology, Hypertension and Clinical Pharmacology is the leading and the only University Clinic in Switzerland that provides the complete spectrum of clinical nephrology, hypertension and clinical pharmacology.

The institute hosts a multidisciplinary Center for Advanced Renal Imaging (CARI, Prof. Vogt, Dr. Mani) where Clinical nephrologists, hypertension specialists, clinical Pharmacologists, together with MR-physicists and radiologists, investigate new applications for advanced renal imaging. The CARI was among the first centers in the world studying BOLD-MRI in normal and disease kidney.

The main focus of research is the development of clinical applications of functional MRI imaging for normal and disease kidney (in close collaboration with the AMSM; Prof. Ch. Boesch, Prof. P. Vermathen) and the Department of Radiology (Prof. J. Heverhagen and Prof. H. Thöny).

We aim to improve characterization of kidney cysts with MRI compared with contrast enhanced renal ultrasound, diffusion MRI for renal infection and transplant rejection, and study of BOLD-MRI, diffusion MRI and perfusion MRI for normal and disease kidney to bring functional MRI into clinical practice.


  • Center for Advanced Renal Imaging (CARI)


  • Advanced Renal Imaging
  • Functional renal MRI
  • Preclinical Evaluation of MRI Techniques for the Kidneys
  • Clinical Research on Kidney Physiology and Pathophysiology


Prof. Dr. med. Bruno Vogt (CARI)