The division of clinical radiology of the Vetsuisse-faculty serves as center for diagnostic imaging for companion animals (mainly dogs and cats), horses and farm animals. A team of veterinary specialist in the field of radiology (Diplomates of the European College of Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging) together with technicians trained in human hospitals performs about 550 MRI scans and 500 CT scans per year. Our main goal is the development and improvement of diagnostic imaging in veterinary medicine with a research focus on neuroimaging. We perform clinical research, which is based on our clinical animal patients, and translational and comparative models allow research without animal experiments. In close collaboration with veterinary neurology, neurosurgery (Prof. Franck Forterre) and neuropathology (Prof. Anna Oevermann) we investigate acute spinal cord injury based on intervertebral disc diseases a frequent disease in dogs. Embedded within the Listeriosis research group, metabolic profiling of brain biopsies from small ruminants as a model for a neuroinfectious disease is performed in close collaboration with the AMSM (Prof. Peter Vermathen) using HR-MAS NMR spectroscopy directly comparing metabolic alterations to histopathology and MR imaging findings.

In collaboration with the ISME (Institut suisse de médecine équine) we develop imaging protocols to further investigate the pathomechanism of equine dental diseases, a common cause of reduced equine performance. Especially high field MRI is a promising tool to identify early changes in hypsodont teeth.


  • Neuroimaging of our veterinary patients
  • Acute spinal cord injury
  • Malformations and diseases of the spine in dogs
  • Equine dental imaging


Prof. Dr. med. vet. Daniela Schweizer-Gorgas