The AMSM supports clinics and institutes methodologically in the application of MR-imaging (MRI) and MR-spectroscopy (MRS). Supported mainly by research funding (SNF, EU), our group is using MRI and MRS primarily in prospective studies and combines methodological development with applications to study physiology and pathology in situ.
Insulin resistance has been a major research topic of our group for more than a decade. Since insulin resistance is a major cause of cardiovascular diseases such as stroke and myocardial infarction, better understanding of this phenomenon will help us to prevent these acute diseases. We study effects of chronic or acute exercise and different kinds of carbohydrates, lipids, and amino acids on muscle and liver metabolism.

A project to investigate human brain physiology aims at the development of MR methods and synergistic post-processing methods tailored to the observation of brain metabolism, yet are also transferable to other organs. An EU-funded network aims at improving and automating MRS methods and post-processing tools such that the clinical use of MRS becomes more robust and widespread.

Renal function is investigated by multi-modal MRS and MRI employing several functional MR methods, such as diffusion weighted imaging, arterial spin labeling, and oxygen dependent MRI.

High-Resolution Magic Angle Spinning NMR (HR-MAS) can be applied to semi-solid materials including biological tissues, e.g. from biopsies, or cell cultures, which under static conditions yield only poorly resolved NMR spectra. Besides targeted assays, it provides an ideal tool also for metabolomics. In addition it offers an excellent opportunity to compare non-invasive findings e.g. from in vivo MRS with well-characterized tissue samples by HR-MAS.


  • Muscle, liver, and heart metabolism in insulin resistance
  • Kidney function and metabolism
  • Development of Magnetic Resonance (MR) spectroscopy and imaging methods
  • High-resolution-magic-angle-spinning NMR (HR-MAS)
  • Brain metabolism


Prof. Dr. sc. nat ETH & Chris Boesch Director AMSM