The Division of Diabetes, Endocrinology, Nutritional Medicine and Metabolism (UDEM) covers the entire range of clinical diabetes and endocrinology with over 20’000 patient visits per year. A major research focus of the metabolic research group (Prof Stettler) is the investigation of the metabolic interplay associated with physical exercise based on the human model of type 1 diabetes. A complementary research group (PD Laimer) is interested in preclinical and clinical studies of insulin resistant states and obesity. Supported by EU and CTI projects and in close collaboration with industrial partners the diabetes technology research group (Prof Stettler, PD Mougiakakou) investigates novel systems continuously measure glucose (glucose sensors), to link such sensors with insulin pumps (hybrid or closed loop systems), as well as systems to automatically determine quantity and composistion of meals. The endocrine and neuroendocrine research group (Dr Trepp) has a strong interest in thyroid and parathyroid disease, neuroendocrine tumors as well as pituitary disease.



  • Diabetes, Metabolism and Exercise (Prof. C. Stettler)
  • Endocrine and neuroendocrine disease (Dr. R. Trepp)
  • Nutritional Medicine (Prof. Z. Stanga)
  • Diabetes and Obesity (PD Dr M. Laimer)
  • Diabetes Technology & Computer Vision (Prof Stettler, PD Dr S. Mougiakakou)


  • Metabolic research in diabetes mellitus, particularly exercise-associated fuel metabolism in human models
  • Preclinical and clinical evaluation of novel therapeutic approaches in diabetes mellitus, other states of insulin resistance, and obesity
  • Translational research in the field of diabetes technology, particularly continuous glucose sensors, linkage to insulin pump systems, and computer vision projects
  • Epidemiological research in diabetes and endocrinology
  • Translational and clinical research in thyroid disease, neuroendocrine tumors and pituitary disease
  • Clinical research in nutritional medicine


Prof. Dr. med. Christoph Stettler