The strength of the neuroimmunological research group is the combination of clinical and translational research on the basis of patient data, biomaterial and experimental approaches. The group focusses on neuroinflammatory disorders, their immunobiology and neurodegenerative features.

The Department of Neurology provides the full spectrum of out-patient and Neuroimmunology in-patient care. The out-patient sector has more than 1600 contacts with patients with MS and related disorders per year. The physicians of the group are highly experienced in the conduction of investigator-initiated observational and phase-II studies as well as in the participation in large phase-III trials.

Together with the biologists of the group, the experimental focus includes cell culture and animal models and a large setup of experimental methods to investigate disease mechanisms and treatment pathways. Various mutual interactions have already been set up to local partners such as the Dept. of Neuropediatrics, Neuroimaging, NCTU, ZEN and DBMF, as well as national and international collaborators.


  • Neuroimmunology / Multiple Sclerosis


  • Disease pathogenesis and epidemiology
  • Disease progression
  • Multidimensional measurement of burden of disease
  • Treatment and risk-benefit profiling incl. biomarkers
  • Treatment innovations, clinical studies (cooperation with NCTU)
  • Imaging in neuroinflammatory diseases and special populations (cooperation with SCAN and neuropediatrics) Experimental neuroimmunology
  • Basic research incl. animal models, cell-based research (human, animal), biobanking (cooperation with LBB, ZEN and DBMF)


Prof. Dr. med. Andrew Chan Dr. med. Anke Salmen Dr. med. Robert Hoepner