The Department of Neurosurgery at the Inselspital is one of the largest of its kind in Switzerland. It offers the full range of neurosurgical interventions from oncological surgery to vascular, spinal and functional neurosurgery.

Clinical research on brain tumors is a mainstay of our departments research activity as a result of a close collaboration with neuro-radiologists, neuropsychologists, electro-physiologists and neuro-pathologists alike. Our research team established and continuously refines one of the most advanced concepts of intra-operative electrophysiology. The combination and integration of various state-of-the-art technologies such as pre-operative TMS, intra-operative MR navigation and continuous dynamic mapping of brain function feeds crucial information on essential brain function into the neurosurgical microscope and to the tip of the surgeons fingers.

The department founded and initiated the multidisciplinary Swiss Glioma Network, which today forms the basis of multi-centric research activities in Switzerland. The brain tumor research group currently runs both a nationwide retrospective investigations and a prospective, multinational randomized clinical trials in close collaboration with the EORTC.

The aneurysms & stroke group focuses on clinical research and intra-operative visualization of perfusion. ICG-Angiography, established for neurosurgery by the department`s chairman Andreas Raabe, has already become an indispensable part of vascular neurosurgery. Strategies such as perspektivistische Navigation are currently investigated and apt to further improve the quality of neurosurgery.


  • Clinical Brain Tumor Research Group
  • Intraoperative Technologies
  • Aneurysms & Stroke
  • Neuroplasticity Lab


Prof. Dr. med. Philippe Schucht