The University Sleep-Wake-Epilepsy-Centre in Bern (SWEZ) deals with diagnosing, treating and researching disorders related to sleep, epilepsy and consciousness.

The Centre is an interfacultary, transdisciplinary and translational platform consisting of neurologists, epileptologists, pulmonologists, psychiatrists, pediatricians, psychosomaticists, psychologists, neurobiologists, pharmacists, engineers, physicists and mathematicians who collaborate with one another. The available cutting-edge technologies include those of the ZEN (center of experimental neurology, e.g. optogenetic, in-vivo network imaging), high density and intracranial EEG recordings, deep learning, brain/ transcranial/closed loop stimulation, liquid biobank, advanced human neuroimaging and soon the neuro-technology laboratories of sitem-insel Neuro.

The BENESCO (Bern Network for Epilepsy, Sleep, and consciousness, www. promotes co-operations between the SWEZ and >20 clinical/ research centers across Switzerland.

Altogether the mission of the SWEZ is to enhance the understanding of the basic mechanisms of sleep, epilepsy, consciousness and cognition as well as the identification of new biomarkers, the development of robust home-based assessments, and the improvement in the management (diagnosis, monitoring, therapy) of disorders of sleep, consciousness and epilepsy.


  • Sleep-wake circuit mapping
  • Learning and memory consolidation during sleep
  • Effect of sleep/sleep disorders on incidence, evolution and outcome of brain disorders
  • Narcolepsy
  • Epilepto- and Ictogenesis
  • Sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) and cardiovascular disorders
  • Sleep/sleep disorders (including SDB) and infectious/immune disorders
  • Sleep, closed-loop sleep manipulations and depression
  • Reality-monitoring in sleep, psychosis and virtual reality
  • Tele-neuromedicine


  • Prof. Dr. Claudio Bassetti
  • Prof. Dr. Antoine Adamantidis
  • Prof. Dr. Dr. Kaspar Schindler
  • Prof. Dr. Matthias Gugger
  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Geiser
  • Prof. Dr. Christoph Aebi
  • Prof. Dr. Christoph Nissen
  • Prof. Dr. Fred Mast